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Alaska Decoration of Honor Medal

21 Gun Salute

Description of Medal

Jon Van Zyle, a local and nationally renowned artist and veteran, donated his time and talents in designing the Alaska Decoration of Honor medal. His design has many symbolic elements:

  • Raven - is symbolic of life and is important in all Alaska Native cultures. The raven, which lives in Alaska year round, is shown in the shape of a cross to signify faith.
  • Northern Lights - represents of the souls of the departed
  • North Star - represents Alaska
  • Forget-me-not - is Alaska's state flower and was chosen for the term forget-me-not
  • Circle design - indicates never ending

It was Mr. Van Zyle's hope that when the families of these soldiers look up in the sky and see a raven, the Northern Lights, or the North Star, they will be reminded of their loved one.

The Alaska Decoration of Honor was created to recognize Alaskan service members who have been killed in action or in support of combat. The medal is awarded on behalf of the people of the State of Alaska to show our gratitude to the families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in serving our state and nation.

Enabling Legislation


If you have any questions or know someone who may qualify to receive the Alaska Decoration of Honor please contact us by clicking here. Also, please include your mailing address, as well as your full name and a contact phone number.