AK House Majority
The 29th Alaska State Legislature, 2011 - 2012  

Legislative Task Force on Theme-Based Education - Presentations and Background Information

Final Report and Recommendations:

Final Recommendations by the Alaska Legislative Task Force on Theme-Based Education  

December 30, 2011 Meeting via Teleconference

Meeting Agenda, December 30, 2011 - Teleconference   [PDF:129KB]
Draft Recommendations   [PDF:157KB]

December 8-9, 2011 Meeting in Barrow:

Meeting Agenda, December 8th & 9th, 2011   [PDF:101KB]
Inupiat History, Language and Culture Center, Barrow, Alaska, December 8, 9, 2011

October 5th, 2011 Meeting in Anchorage:

Agenda for TBE Task Force Meeting on Oct 5th   [PDF:30KB]
Audio Recording of Oct 5th Task Force Hearing  
Video Recording of Oct 5th, 2011 Task Force Hearing  
Theme Based Education - Curriculum Alignment, Integration and Mapping  External Link
North Slope Borough School District
Real Kids Building Real Airplanes  External Link
Joe Page, Executive Director and Erin Aulman, Board President - Northern Susitna Institute
Real Learning in the Real Word - A Community-Based Approach to Teaching and Learning   [PDF:2.66MB]
Northern Susitna Institute
Theme-Based Education and Beyond - Community Culture as the Key to Engaging Students and Promoting Achievement   [PDF:525KB]
Steffen Saifer, Ed.D, Saifer Educational Consulting and Keisha M. Edwards, Interchange Consulting
4-H and Themed Based Education   [PDF:2.45MB]
Lee Hecimovich, UAF Associate Professor of Extension, 4-H & Youth Development
Thematic Teaching - Iditarod Area School District  
Theme Based Education in Alaska   [PDF:7.88MB]
Ray Barnhardt, UAF
Theme-Based Education Report   [PDF:646KB]
Steffen Saifer, Ed.D & Keisha M. Edwards, Interchange Consulting
Written Testimony of Jon Ross   [PDF:37KB]
President & Principle Consultant for Tsiltan Management Group
The Real World Design Challenge Annual High School Competition  External Link
Written Testimony   [PDF:27KB]
Charlotte Fox, Executive Director - Alaska State Council on the Arts and Laura Forbes, Arts Education Program Manager
Lasting Impact II - A Report on the Impact of the Alaska Basic Arts Institutes   [PDF:1.98MB]
Alaska State Council on the Arts
What School Leaders Can Do To Increase Arts Education   [PDF:2.08MB]
Arts Education Partnership