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The 26th Alaska State Legislature, 2009 - 2010  
Sponsor Statement: House Bill 277

Emergency Use Of Epinephrine

Signed Into Law! Chapter 52 SLA 10
Sponsored by Rep. Peggy Wilson, Rep. Bob Lynn
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Requiring the Department of Health and Social Services to adopt standards for the approval of and to approve certain training programs relating to the possession of epinephrine and the administration of epinephrine in emergency situations; and authorizing certain individuals to obtain a prescription for epinephrine, purchase epinephrine, and administer epinephrine in emergency situations.

Posted: April 5, 2010 : v26-LS0951\S
Bill Version: CSHB 277(HSS)
Status: Chapter 52 SLA 10 : 2010-06-09

House Bill 277 allows individuals who have passed a departmentally-approved program to purchase and administer epinephrine.

Epinephrine (adrenalin) is used in emergency situations to combat severe allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock and heart attacks.

It is difficult to foresee the possibility of an allergic reaction when an individual has no known allergies. A victim of an allergic reaction can go into anaphylactic shock and medical attention may not be readily available. During these situations, the administration of epinephrine could be necessary to save a victim's life. Under current statute, the administrator can be held personally liable.

The passage of this bill would increase access to this life-saving medication, maintain and increase available safety measures, and reduce personal liability for acts of good faith.

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