AK House Majority
The 26th Alaska State Legislature, 2009 - 2010  
House Joint Resolution 40

Cook Inlet/Kachemak Beluga Population

Opposing the proposed designation by the National Marine Fisheries Service of 3,000 square miles of upper Cook Inlet, the mid-inlet, all of the inlet's western shores, and Kachemak Bay as critical habitat for beluga whales.

Bill Version: SCS CSHJR 40(RES)
Status: Legis Resolve 42 : 2010-08-03

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Ak Majority Organization

2010-10-08 : Surveys Indicate Cook Inlet Beluga Population on the Rise
Further Evidence That a Critical Habitat Designation is Unnecessary

2010-06-04 : Rep. Millett Applauds Parnell Administration for Challenging Beluga ESA Listing

2010-04-15 : Legislature Opposes Critical Habitat Designation in Cook Inlet
Millettís HJR 40 heads to Governorís desk

2010-03-01 : HJR 40 Passes House, Advance to Senate
Resolution opposes designation of critical habitat for beluga whales

2010-01-27 : Resolution Opposing Unnecessary Critical Habitat Designation in Cook Inlet Introduced

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