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The 27th Alaska State Legislature, 2011 - 2012  
Sponsor Statement: House Bill 363

No Public Funds/Facilities For Abortion

Ak Legislative MajorityAk Legislative Majority
Rep. Wes Keller R-10
Ak Legislative Majority

Rep. Wes Keller (R-10)
Chair, (H) EDU Com.
Ak Majority Organization

Ak Majority Organization

An Act prohibiting the use of public funds for abortion.

Posted: March 12, 2012 : v27-LS1441-A
Status: (H) HSS : 2012-03-12

Many Alaskans feel that the taking of any life is wrong. At the same time, however, we in fact use tax dollars to pay for the termination of life for an unborn child with no legal consequences. Abortion is far more than a form of birth control. In some limited cases it is a necessary procedure to save the adult. House Bill 363 ends the state's use of public money for abortions unless there is a medical emergency, rape, incest or other illegal incident.

For years the Alaska legislature has inserted appropriation language in the operating budget bill that forbids the expenditure of state funds for abortions. The Department ignores this intent language citing that the services must be provided. When we cut the funding from the budget, they cut funding somewhere else and transfer it to the division. This has to stop.

HB 363 will generate a negative fiscal note because it cuts approximately $ 750,000 from the budget. Funding will remain for those procedures necessary to save the mother and for other very extenuating circumstances.

Your support of HB 363 says the time has come for the legislature to make a stand. HB 363 does not outlaw abortions, it simply stops state funding for much of it.

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