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Sponsor Statement: House Bill 101

Ted Stevens Day

Signed Into Law! Chapter 2 SLA 11
Sponsored by the House Rules Committee
Ak Legislative MajorityAk Legislative Majority
Rep. Craig Johnson R-24
Ak Legislative Majority

Rep. Craig Johnson

Chair, (H) RLS Com.
Ak Majority Organization

Ak Majority Organization

An Act establishing the fourth Saturday of July each year as Ted Stevens Day.

Posted: March 28, 2011 : v27-LS0221-M
Bill Version: CSHB 101(STA)
Status: Chapter 2 SLA 11 : 2011-04-22

On August 9, 2010 Alaska lost Senator Theodore "Ted" Fulton Stevens, a man who dedicated his life to Alaska. He continually fought to build a better future for Alaskans during his six decades of public service, including 40 years in the United States Senate.

House Bill 101 establishes the fourth Saturday of every July as "Ted Stevens Day." In 2010 Governor Parnell proclaimed Senator Stevens' birthday, November 18th as "Ted Stevens Day." While Senator Stevens' loved ones consider this a great way of remembering him, they have asked that we observe "Ted Stevens Day" in the summer where Alaskans can spend the day honoring his memory in the outdoors.

It seems only right and fitting that we should honor Senator Stevens with a day of remembrance and celebration when Alaska's great outdoors is in full bloom. Amidst unparalleled beauty from majestic fjords and mountain peaks to salmon streams and fish camps, Alaskans will pause and remember this Great Alaskan - who was as grand as any who have come before, or any who will ever come again.

Alaskans will be eternally indebted to "Uncle Ted" for always putting Alaska first. By doing so with unwavering dedication and tremendous skill and energy, Ted Stevens transformed Alaska into the great place it is today. Ted's accomplishments are as legendary as he was - and made possible opportunities for future generations of Alaskans.

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2011-03-30 : 01:48 : [AUDIO] House Rules Chairman Johnson Speaks from the House Floor in Support of HB 101
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