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Sponsor Statement: House Bill 27

Disposition Of Service Members' Remains

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An Act relating to the disposition of remains of a member of the military if the member dies while in a duty status.

Posted: February 7, 2011
Status: (H) STA : 2011-02-09

The Department of Defense requires all active duty service members, reservists, and guard members to fill out a DD Form 93. This form has crucial information that is used by the Department of Defense in the event of an emergency and to direct service members remains to their proper resting place. The DD Form 93 is updated every year and before each deployment so that the most current information is available.

Unfortunately, there have been occasions where the disposition of a service member's remains have been delayed due to conflicts between the DD Form 93 and state statute. This results in even more distress in an already sorrowful situation.

Currently, Alaska's statutes do not specifically recognize the DD Form 93. HB 27 remedies this problem by aligning our state statutes with current Military procedure which will avoid potential and unnecessary conflicts should a service member die in the line of duty.

I strongly urge your support of HB 27.

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