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Sponsor Statement: House Bill 28

Occ. Licenses: Temporary/ Fees/ Pawnbrokers

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An Act relating to temporary courtesy licenses for certain nonresident professionals and to a temporary exemption from fees and other licensing requirements for active duty members of the armed forces; authorizing temporary licenses for pawnbrokers not currently licensed by a municipality; and providing for an effective date.

Posted: February 4, 2011
Bill Version: SCS CSHB 28(L&C)
Status: Chapter 25 SLA 11 : 2011-06-27

HB 28 allows nonresidents who practice in fields that are regulated by the Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing to get a temporary state license. This will allow people moving to the state to obtain immediate employment.

Many of Alaska's licensing boards currently offer some kind of temporary license or licensing by credentials. HB 28 would standardize the requirements between all of the boards which will assist with streamlining the licensing process.

This is especially important to those who are only temporarily living within the state. For example, military spouses often have a very difficult time obtaining employment due to waiting periods associated with obtaining an in-state license. HB 28 will alleviate this problem by allowing a military spouse to obtain employment immediately and to work while fulfilling the necessary requirements for an Alaska license.

HB 28 only allows a person to receive a temporary license if they:

  • Currently hold a license in another state,
  • Have been recently engaged in their field of practice,
  • Have not been disciplined by a licensing entity in another state, and
  • Pay the necessary licensing fees in Alaska.

A temporary license under HB 28 is good for six months after which time the person must either obtain a valid Alaska license or decide to stop working in their licensed field.

HB 28 will assist those choosing to move to Alaska in obtaining gainful employment relatively soon after moving to this state. It will also streamline the licensing process by outlining certain standards that must be met before a temporary license can be obtained.

I strongly urge your support of HB 28.

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