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The 27th Alaska State Legislature, 2011 - 2012  Print Friendly Version 
Sponsor Statement: House Bill 28

Occ. Licenses: Temporary/ Fees/ Pawnbrokers

An Act relating to temporary courtesy licenses for certain nonresident professionals and to a temporary exemption from fees and other licensing requirements for active duty members of the armed forces; authorizing temporary licenses for pawnbrokers not currently licensed by a municipality; and providing for an effective date.

Posted: February 14, 2011 : v27-LS0192-T
Bill Version: SCS CSHB 28(L&C)
Status: Chapter 25 SLA 11 : 2011-06-27

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Ak Majority Organization

2011-06-29 : Thomas Comments on Signing of HB 28
Finance Co-Chair Grateful for Enactment of Bill Helping Military Spouses Gain Employment

2011-04-13 : Bill Helping Military Families Heads to Governor
House Concurs in Senate Changes to HB 28 - Temp Licensing of Professionals

2011-02-23 : House OKs Temporarily Licensing for Military Spouses
Thomas' HB 28 Provides 6-Month Professional Licenses, Helping Families

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