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Sponsor Statement: House Concurrent Resolution 12

Task Force On Fiscal Future Of Alaska

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Rep. Alan Austerman R-35
Ak Legislative Majority

Rep. Alan Austerman

Ak Majority Organization

Ak Majority Organization

Creating the Task Force on the Fiscal Future of Alaska as a joint legislative task force and relating to the task force.

Posted: April 14, 2011 : v27-LS0783-B.A
Bill Version: CSHCR 12(RLS) AM
Status: (S) FIN : 2011-04-11

House Concurrent Resolution 12 creates a Task Force on the Fiscal Future of Alaska and tasks the members with making recommendations and proposing draft legislation, where needed, on fiscal policy issues before the legislature.

Last year in the House Finance Committee, a Fiscal Policy Subcommittee was created to address fiscal policy issues across the state. During interim, the subcommittee met regularly with a working group that included additional interested House and Senate members, private citizens from business, public policy and other sectors, and representation from the Governorís office. The group deliberated a best approach to engaging Alaskans in a long-term conversation about the stateís fiscal future. In its final report back to the House Finance Committee, the working group members included a strong recommendation that a public fiscal policy conversation continue, with bicameral membership as well as participation from the executive branch and Alaskaís citizenry as a whole. The task force proposed under HCR 12 provides a structure for that continued conversation.

HCR 12 proposes appointing a sixteen-person task force, with membership as followed:

  • Three senators, appointed by the President of the Senate, one to serve as a co-chairman

  • Three representatives, appointed by the Speaker of the House, one to serve as a co-chairman

  • The commissioners of the Departments of Revenue Transportation or the commissionerís designees

  • The director of the Office of Management Budget in the Office of the Governor or the directorís designee

  • The director of the Institute of Social and Economic Research at the University of Alaska or the directorís designee

  • One person representing Commonwealth North

  • One person, appointed jointly by the presiding officers, from each of the following industries: banking, resource development, marketing, economic development

  • One person, appointed jointly, from the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce

The task force would meet through the interim and provide three progress reports to the Legislature before terminating on December 31st, 2013.

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